About Psychotherapy and Counselling

At times in our life we can feel depressed, stressed, anxious and lonely. Mindfulness based psychotherapy and counselling can help us get back to our happy place.

Psychotherapy and counselling is a place for you to experience a safe, non-judgmental and confidential container of someone listening and witnessing you sharing your worries, Sorrows, dreams and difficulties. So you can live with less pain and be with more ease in the present.

My approaches are influenced by the work of

Pat Odgen and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Transpersonal psychotherapy, 

Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, and mindfulness Cognitive analytical psychotherapy, Mindfulness and dream work.

Mindfulness psychotherapy can help us to be present with what life gives us and be able to accept it without fear, what has happened to us in the past.

We can become kind to ourselves and others and from this we can become stronger and we may experience some profound insight.

Psychotherapy can help when:

We are depressed anxious or stressed

We suffer panic attacks

We live with eating disorders

We experience loss or bereavement

We confused about our sexuality

Our life seems to lack meaning

We want to develop our potential

We suffer from obsessional thoughts

We feel held back by lack of confidence

We suffer physical problems with no clear physical cause

We suffer from a traumatic experience